CEQAS Scheme

The Cytogenomic External Quality Assessment Service (CEQAS) was established in 2014 through the merger of the two largest internationally operating Cytogenetic EQA schemes - Cytogenetic European Quality Assessment (CEQA) and UK NEQAS for Clinical Cytogenetics. CEQAS is operated by the Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. CEQAS is a UKAS accredited proficiency testing provider No 7872. CEQAS is a member of the UK NEQAS Consortium.

CEQAS is a not-for profit organisation aiming to:

  • provide professionally led and scientifically based EQAs with a primarily educational objective;
  • assess technical, analytical and interpretative performance of a laboratory;
  • help the laboratory appraise its performance and monitor improvements externally;
  • achieve this through continuous operation, frequent distributions of samples and performance feedback;
  • produce reports which are designed to be clear, informative, intelligible and structured to assist interpretation and use by different levels of laboratory staff. 

Details of all EQA Schemes, overseen by UK NEQAS consortium, which may also be relevant to your service are available from the UK NEQAS central office, PO Box 401, Sheffield S5 7YZ, tel 0114 261 1689, fax 0114 261 1049 or on the website at http://www.ukneqas.org.uk.

Last updated: Friday, 03 February 2017
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