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CEQAS is a not-for-profit organisation. Annual charges are based on the full cost of providing EQA services and operating the Scheme. The current tariff of charges is EQA based and, as such, subject to continuous review. Refund of EQA charges is only payable in exceptional circumstances and at the Scheme Director's discretion.

Pilot EQAs are offered at a reduced charge.

Laboratories will be invoiced by the Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. Invoices will be sent by email directly to the 'Bill Payer' or 'Primary Contact' given in the laboratory's contact details. It is the responsibility of the laboratory to ensure that these contact details are correct at all times.

If a participant requires a Purchase Order Number to be quoted on the CEQAS invoice they must add this number online when enrolling or communicate it to the CEQAS office at the time of enrolment.

Annual Administration Fee

An annual administration fee is charged to cover general administrative costs of the Scheme. It is currently set at £110.

EQA Charges

EQA charges are set annually. Please click here to access this year's EQA Price List. A 10% surcharge on the EQA list price is added for all late enrolments. For details of enrolment deadlines please go to EQA Charges Registered participants will be notified by email of the impending cut off date for the increase.


Elegible laboratores can apply for a discount of 30% off their EQA chages (please note that the Annual Administration Fee must be paid in full). For terms and conditions please go to 'Policies' or click here to access the CEQAS Evolving Economies Discount policy. 

Click here for a full list of elegible countries.


Last updated: Thursday, 29 December 2016
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