Please note that this website is no longer being maintained. For all current information and registration please refer to GenQA.

The EQA Timetable

Please click here to view the 2017 EQA Timetable. The Scheme Office reserves the right to change start or end dates for EQAs without prior notice. Participants enrolled in the EQA in question will be notified by email of this change and the revised timetable will be published on the website. It is the responsibility of the participant to check the dates on the EQA page of the website.

Enrolled laboratories will be allerted by email of the following stages in the EQA process:

  • Once the EQA is open
  • One week before the closing date
  • Ond day before the closing date

The Scheme Office takes no responsibility for the emails reaching the laboratories. It is the responsibility of the laboratory to ensure that all contact details are correct at any time

To enrol in this year’s EQAs please click the Login icon on this page. The closing date for enrolment is in at the end of February. Registered laboratoires will be notified by email of the impending closing date for enrolment.

If your laboratory is not yet registered with CEQAS please use the Register button on this page and complete the online registration form. Details about registering with CEQAS can be found under Registration. Once your application has been accepted you will be able to enrol in EQAs.




Last updated: Tuesday, 11 July 2017
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