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Each year CEQAS publishes an annual report summarising the previous year’s EQA rounds including performances and appeal outcomes as well as changes to the Scheme in the current year.

The Annual Report is available on the secure website. You will be notified by email once last year’s report has been published

European Cytogenetic Guidelines

Performance criteria provide benchmarks based upon the  European Cytogenetic guidelines. This allows comparison of laboratories against a set standard.

CEQAS is involved in developing and drafting Best Practice Guidelines for the profession. The Constitutional Guidelines are currently being reviewed and Guidelines for Haematology will be coming on-stream later in 2017. New guidelines for FISH and mutation testing in oligodendrogliomas are being prepared in accordance with the new WHO 2016 classification of CNS tumours. NIPT guidelines have been prepared following a Best Practice meeting during the ISPD in Berlin and are being submitted for publication.

Please click here to access the General European Cytogenetic Guidelines

Please click here to access the Recommendations for Reporting Results of Diagnostic Genetic Testing

Please click here to access the Specific Constitutional Cytogenetic Guidelines

Please click here to access the Guidelines and Quality Assurance for Acquired Cytogenetics

Please click here to access the ECA Recommendations for FISH on Histological Sections of Solid Tumours

Please click here to access the Guidelines for Cytogenetic Investigations in Tumour

Please click here to access the Association of Clinical Genetic Science Best Practice Guidelines

Last updated: Thursday, 29 December 2016
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